10 Photos From Gaza Will Make You Believe It's Paris


10 Photos From Gaza Will Make You Believe It's Paris

We always hear that Gaza is a destroyed place because of the wars and poverty there, but is it?

There are a lot of professional and amateur photographers in Gaza, for those who don't know Gaza. Gaza city is an old city which has gone through three wars in the last 10 years, everyone inside Gaza knows how these wars affected every thing inside the city, starting from buildings and houses till the Gazan human being. PhotoZone has previewed more than 100 awesome photographs from Gaza and here is the top 10 photos that will make you believe Gaza is Paris.

Fishing Net & Fish

Fishing is one of the most important professions for living in Gaza, as you see in the photo, a fisherman prepares his net for fishing in Gaza sea

Fishing Net  Fish Ayesh Haroon
  • 150
The Golden Sunset

Amazing photo for Gaza city sunset using long exposure photography, as you see in the photo, the photo has been captured in Gaza beach.

The Golden Sunset Mahmoud Abu Hamda
  • 137
Kingdom of Camels

Stunning photo for a group of camels and a swarm of birds flying above

Kingdom of Camels Ramez Habboub
  • 131
Gaza at Night

A beautiful photo using long exposure for Gaza at night, this photo represents a typical night mode for different Gaza neighborhoods

Gaza at Night Fadi Thabet
  • 128
Gaza in a Fish Eye

Wonderful photo using a fish eye lens, as you can see how crowded Gaza is, but still beautiful

Gaza in a Fish Eye Mohamed Zarandah
  • 126
Give Me My Freedom

Amazing photo for a young girl who plays in a wood tree swing in the east of Gaza city, the photo gives an impression for the freedom.

Give Me My Freedom Ibrahim Faraj
  • 125
Play For the Sheeps

This photo is amazing, a child leads a group of sheeps using his violin

Play For the Sheeps Ibrahim Faraj
  • 125
The Rural Spirit

Stunning photo for the rural spirit in Gaza, as you see, there is a man who is carrying a bottle of water while walking in the green fields in Gaza

The Rural Spirit khalil Alattar
  • 123
A Winter Sunset From Gaza

Amazing photo with stunning colors for the sunset over Gaza seaport, Beach and sunset can always make a good mix for incredible photos

A Winter Sunset From Gaza Ibrahim Fathi
  • 122
Night, Lightning and Thunder

A night photo for Gaza in winter, the photo shows the blue rays of the lightning which start from the sky to the sea level, amazing photo and excellent timing

Night, Lightning and Thunder Motaz Alaaraj
  • 121

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