4 Old Eastern Songs You Would Addict


4 Old Eastern Songs You Would Addict

Let's Check some Eastern songs, That would be an unsual experience

Well, We all used to play those Western songs by Adele, Taylor Swift, ...etc. 

But today we got something special, something new, something that will make you addict it! 
And Yes! The Eastern part of the world had amazing voices and will always provide us with those beautiful STARS like Oum Kalthoum, Fairouz, ...etc.

And The first song I want you to check is:

1. Sayed Darwish - Ana Haweet

Sayed is one of the most amazing Egyptian voices in the history. He was born in Alexandria in 17 March 1892.  The Egyptian national anthem "Bilady Bilady Bilady" music was put by him, He died at the age of 31 in 1923, But his music never died. yeah it has been here for a century, huh! That is Brilliant.

Listen to "Ana Haweet", and chill out.

Sayed Darwish - Ana Haweet - PhotoZone

2. Oum Kalthoum- Enta Omri

Oum Kalthoum is an Egyptian singer who is also known world wide as "Kawkab El Sharq" which means the Planet of East, She died in 1975 after leaving some beautiful songs that were well known in Europe -because of her parties there- I know she is dead now but her amazing voice is still existing.

If you want to check her beautiful voice here is "Enta Omri" Song!


Oum Kalthoum- Enta Omri - PhotoZone

3. Fairouz- Baadak Ala Bali

I myself after hearing Fairouz for the first time became her number one fan, Her angelic voice takes you to another globe of peace and beauty.  The best thing about these  songs is that the voice of the vocalist is clear and pure  without those instrumentals that interfere with the vocalists' beautiful voices. Great job our beautiful Lebanese star.

Here is "Baadak Ala Bali" with English Subtitles.

Fairouz- Baadak Ala Bali - PhotoZone

4. Warda- Layalina

Being raised in Algeria in that beautiful environment gave Warda her beautiful talent, while listening to "Layalina", You will chill out because of her chilling voice. Her beautiful and well chosen lyrics are one of her success secrets, Well done Warda!

Warda- Layalina - PhotoZone

So after checking these 4 songs i understood the diversity of the universe and how other cultures are really great...well done, Eastern World!

If You can recommend any other song of this type, Tell me please in a comment.

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