4 Top Interesting Female Youtube Channels


4 Top Interesting Female Youtube Channels

YouTube is one of the most popular websites, But who to Subscribe let's check!

Youtube is one of the most amazing websites all over the web, But did you ever know that Youtube was meant to be a social website such as Facebook, Twitter,...etc. Where it was meant to be a place where the people can upload their own videos and introduce their selves, But it changed by the time to be as it looks nowadays, Yeah Youtube is great, But the most challenging thing is to choose who to subscribe, who to follow, who to appear on your Youtube homepage.

So today I decided to focus the light on the most amazing and interesting Youtube female channels, Here we go:

1. Zoella

Being raised in England in the beautiful environment gave Zoella a great talent, She is well known for her makeup tutorials, hair, fashion, style, and also her daily Blogs with Alfie Deyes her Boyfriend and her pug Nala . Zoella started her Youtube channel 5 years ago, Today she has 11 million Subscribers, Well Done Zoe.

Zoella Channel - PhotoZone

2. IISuperwomanII

Lilly Singh -known as Superwoman- is a Canadian celebrity known for interviewing celebrities world wide, also known for her great sense of humor, She is a very funny stand up comedian, She started Youtube in 2010, Now she has about 11 million Subscribers, here is the Superwoman HAHA  funny!

IISuperwomanII Channel - PhotoZone

3. Christina Grimme

If you were really into music, Christina Grimme is one of the best choices with her beautiful voice and amazing skills, But sadly she was shot while performing in June 2016, Rest In Peace Christina Grimme.

Christina Grimme Channel - PhotoZone

4. Laina Walker

Known as the overly attached girlfriend, Laina started her first steps to fame with that creepy look she makes with her face, She is known for her VLogs. Laina  has about 1 million Subscribers, She is really funny!

Laina Walker Channel - PhotoZone

So, Who is your favorite female youtuber? Write in the comments.

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