5 Charming Places In Germany You Should Visit Now


5 Charming Places In Germany You Should Visit Now

Let's check, some charming spots in Germany!

It is well known that Germany is one of the most beautiful countries all over the world, The German history is really great as Germany was and still one of the greatest and leading countries in the Europe, If you really like traveling you will find this types of articles really interesting, You can also read this article about how to deal with your bad accommodation during your trips.

So here is a punch of the most beautiful places in Germany.

1. Berlin's Brandenburg Gate

It was built in the 18th century in one of the most beautiful states in Germany called Berlin. The most beautiful part  is that Berlin's Brandenburg Gate is the first thing you see while heading to Berlin, As it is the gate of the beautiful state . It took them around 3 years -from 1788 to 1791- to complete this awesome gate. This gate was built on the site of the old gate of Berlin.
Berlin's Brandenburg Gate - PhotoZone

2. Semperoper, Dresden
Semperoper is one of the most beautiful opera house all over the globe, Semperoper is also the home of ballet. That charming opera house is located near the Elbe river. The Semperoper was built by the architect Gottfried Semper in 1841, but in 1869 a huge fire destroyed that beautiful place, the most beautiful part is that the Semperoper was built again by Semper in 1878. I myself consider Semperoper my  own beloved part of Dresden, Look at this breathtaking building! Oh I am in love with it.
Semperoper, Dresden - PhotoZone

 3. Museum Island, Berlin

 This beautiful piece of art is located in Spree river, It was built firstly in 1830 in the beautiful old city of Cölln and was known as the Altes Museum, Then the Neues Museum was built in 1859, but sadly it was destroyed in the World War ll. Finally , It was rebuilt and named as the Egyptian Museum Of Berlin in 2009.

Museum Island, Berlin - PhotoZone

4. Königssee

Königssee is a lake located in the Southeast of the German state of Bavaria, Its length is about  7.7 km and its width is about 1.7 km. The most beautiful thing about this lake is the nature beauty in the both sides of the lake. One of the greatest islands there is Christligier.

Königssee - PhotoZone

5. Berlin Wall

The history of the German people is back written on Berlin Wall, This ugly wall who divided the relatives, the lovers and the friends in the past became one of the most beautiful places in Germany, where Germans made it look really good by drawing on it, Looks good Huh!

Berlin Wall - PhotoZone

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