5 Food Chains That Should Stop Offering The Evil Bread

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5 Food Chains That Should Stop Offering The Evil Bread

One of the worst diseases nowadays is the Celiac disease, So We launched a campaign to ask these beloved food chains to #Free_The_Gluten!

Hello my dear friends, Imagine you have been eating KFC all your live, but you got this disease and you won't ever eat it again!

That sounds bad, huh! So please show SUPPORT! LOVE YOU.

First of all, I will tell you more about Celiac disease, Where the people with this ugly disease can't eat wheat containing gluten, which is a protein found in wheat.

And when they eat that wheat containing gluten -which is commonly used in most of restaurants- the gluten cause damage in their small intestine. 

The diagnosis of this disease is by a simple blood test where people with it have higher level of antibodies than a certain level which are produced by the immunity system.

The treatment from this ugly disease is by a strict gluten-free diet on the life long CAN YOU IMAGINE!!

So I am conducting this campaign to ask these beloved, mentioned food chains provide meals with gluten-free wheat, PLEASE! 

Take it from the side of HUMANITY, Guys!

If you are capable of showing this article to one of these food chains administrators PLEASE HELP.

In case you do not know any of these food chains administrators, Share the article PLEASE! Maybe you will be the reason we can put the smile back on people with that ugly Celiac disease!

You can also donate to Celiac Disease Foundation by click here


And I would like to invite these food chains to start this experiment all over the world not only inside one country.

1. Pizza Hut.

Imagine you are not capable of eating that Triple Treat Box again for the rest of your life!

Pizza Hut. - PhotoZone

2. KFC.

Nobody can live without that Toasted Twister, Guys!

KFC - PhotoZone

3. McDonalds'.

This Big Tasty Sandwich, guys! with that b-tasty sauce is not replaceable PLEASE!

McDonalds - PhotoZone

4. Cinnabon.

Guys, no one can do without that beautiful Pecanbon and Classic Rolls masterpieces!

Cinnabon - PhotoZone

5. Nola.

What about sending us gluten free Cupcakes here in PhotoZone?

Nola - PhotoZone

Thanks, Guys! 

And if your restaurant is not mentioned here you are very welcome to participate with us in this campaign. Sympathy is an action not just a feeling, So if you really want to show sympathy spread the word and share this article please, To be sent to these restaurants administrators.

PLEASE Support & SHARE your opinion on this hashtag #Free_The_Gluten

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