5 Life Survival Hacks That You Need While Staying In A Hostel


5 Life Survival Hacks That You Need While Staying In A Hostel

Let's check those hacks that will help you, especially if you are staying in a hostel!

Sometimes your life gets more harder and you have to stay in a hostel. Because you are  studying abroad  for example and you should be enjoying your stay in a Hostel which is not something easy, So i decided to write a list of 5 hack that will help you compensate this poor accommodation, Let's check 5 important life hacks for those who used to stay in a hostel. And also this article will help you in case you like camping so here we go!

1. Ironing!

If you need to iron your clothes and you got nothing to iron them with, All you have to do is to pour hot water in a pan and starting using it for ironing, It would not be that efficient but it works!

Ironing - PhotoZone

2. No Water Heater

If you are a morning person and you need your hot water in the morning, Let's invent a small water heater together!

Step 1: Get 2 razors and mount them as shown.
Step 2: Supply them with electric current.


No Water Heater - PhotoZone

3. Hair Dryer

If you need to go as fast as possible and you found your socks still wet, Use your hair dryer it will dry your socks just in 2 minutes. All you have to do is inserting the sock in the hair dryer front and turn the hair dryer on!

Hair Dryer - PhotoZone

4. Your Laptop Really Becomes Hot Quickly 

It is a world common problem that our laptops after an hour or two of continuous use becomes hot, But it is really easy all you have to do is positioning an egg flat below your laptop, It will never heat up again.

Your Laptop Really Becomes Hot Quickly - PhotoZone

5. Toaster

If you are into grilled sandwiches and you do not find any sandwich maker or toaster here is the solution, get an iron, cover your sandwich with a piece of aluminum foil, Turn the iron on and place it over your sandwich for about 1 minute. Now Your sandwich is ready!

Toaster - PhotoZone

If you know any other life hacks let us know in a comment below.

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