5 Most Important Tips To Be Attractive For Guys

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5 Most Important Tips To Be Attractive For Guys

Every girl dream is to be the most beautiful, Let's check some tips that may help YOU get what you want!

The girl's mind is really complex, it is like a whole world with imaginations, dreams and ideas. If you are not a girl of this type of girls who just think about food and sleep, Read this article it will help you be a super girl who is really wanted by that nerd guy sitting in the corner, HAHA! joking. After reading this article Zac Efron himself will start having a crush on you, Maybe i also will have a crush on you ,WHO KNOWS!

SO the TIP number one is,


Well to get guys attention you have just to be quiet and look confident, I don't want you to be confident like Emma Watson, But at least try to think about every word before sending it into the guy's ears. And be aware when I say be quiet i don't mean to act like a mummy who does not talk at all, I just mean to be sensible and responsible. And again Think 300 times before talking!

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WELL, I know that girls are into fashion and they all like shopping and buying new clothes, But when I say dress smart i don't want you to be a Vero Moda model, I just want you to choose the proper outfit for the place you are going to, For example: I won't ever date a girl who attends  a wedding occasion with a Training suit!

Also try to be brave while choosing your outfit colors, but do not make that bravery take you to a level where you look like a clown in Faten El Helw circus.



We guys are not into those DRAMA QUEENS who are always acting negatively in  such a way that makes your day very miserable. So try to smile, and do not act like a  just divorced woman!

Also, be aware if you smile alot or in a strange, weird way people will start guessing you are just a childish girl who has just escaped her nursery.

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Men are not into cheap and easy ones who are just looking for any relationship, Yeah you may get a big number of guys around you, but none of them is really into you!

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If a guy is really into you and he is doing his best to prove this to you, BE NICE and give him a chance and do not be complicated, People do not find that pure love everyday, So if you are lucky and have someone who really likes you, Try to help him making you happy!
But in the same time please don't be an idiot who really believes those fake guys, Take care of yourself AND Remember You are awlays beautiful!


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