5 Top Facts You Didn't Know About KFC

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5 Top Facts You Didn't Know About KFC

We all like those fried chicken made by KFC, But Let's check some facts about KFC!

KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken which is a well known restaurants and one of the most popular junk food providers all over the globe, was established by Colonel Harland Sanders in 20 March 1930, Specialized in fried chicken, And its Headquarter is Louisville, Kentucky. Let's check those 5 amazing, shocking facts about Kentucky Fried Chicken.

1. KFC And The Christmas

As Turkeys are eaten on Christmas as a traditional dinner in The United States Of America, Also Kentucky Chicken are eaten for Christmas in Japan, After the great marketing campaign of Kentucky team under the title of "Kentucky For Christmas" in 1974.

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2. Largest Restaurants But After...

KFC is the largest and the most abundant food chain after McDonalds', As it has about 20,000 location in 123 countries.

3. Colonel Sanders

People believe that Colonel Sanders was a colonel in the United States army, But the truth is that he was honored it, Because what he did for his state Kentucky.

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4. The Secret Recipe

People thought that the secret recipe is a myth, But KFC has a secret recipe of 11 ingredients as it is known world wide. Many people thought they can got this secret recipe and tried to guess them but they could not get that secret recipe , Also reverse engineering did not uncover that secret. Yeah it is a SECRET! 

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5. The Asian KFC

KFC famous slogan "finger licking good" was translated accidently wrong into eat your finger in 1987 when KFC was opening their first location in Beijing. But it was changed again to finger licking good, The best part is that todays KFC slogan "fingers licking good" was the same unchanged since about 55 years!

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So KFC is still amazing us with their delicious fried chicken, I myself like the toasted twister and the coleslaw salad, Feel free to comment your favorite KFC sandwich, and stay tuned for more weird facts only on PhotoZone.

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