5 Unbelievable Facts About Trump


5 Unbelievable Facts About Trump

Trump, Let them check some facts

Donald John Trump "45th USA President" was born in the 14th of June, 1946. Donald was born in a wealthy family in Queens, New York City. He studied economics in Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania. Donald graduated in 1968, But after his graduation he started managing his family hotels, towers and casinos known now as Trump organization. So let's check some Unbelievable facts  about the 45th USA president.


Donald John Trump could have been a Billionaire just if he had put his inheritance in a fund index, As his inheritance was really a large amount of money, Donald could have stayed his whole life playing PS4 instead of working. 
P.S.: I know there was no PS4 in the 60s, But i guess Donald could have one in the 60s and Do not ask me HOW!


2. Donald At School

Donald was not that quiet guy in school, He was a trouble maker that he was sent to a Military Academy leaving his school in Queens, New York City and that was in order to straighten him out.

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3. Donald Shake My Hand, Please!

Donald Trump is a germaphobe, He likes to keep his hands always clean and he does not like to shake hands with people. I guess that will be a big problem for him as a president, He will shake his hands with an average of 500 people every week.

Donald Shake My Hand - PhotoZone

4. Speeches Of Him

Donald's speeches are  the most interesting part of his new job, He may include some sentence from movie, He may also expect that Liverpool won't win the English Premier League this season. I like that!

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5. Trump Fingers

Trump is really sensitive about the fact that his fingers are really short, and he hates when  people call him "short fingered". So be aware while talking about this issue with him, I know you won't ever meet him but also be aware.

Trump Fingers - PhotoZone

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