7 Brilliant Tips for Stunning Photos Using Your Mobile Phone

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7 Brilliant Tips for Stunning Photos Using Your Mobile Phone

You feel that you have a talent of photography but you don't know much, well this is the best article for you to read

If you have bought a new camera or planning to buy one, or you even just enjoy photography and want your photos to be the best, you will probably be asking what are the things i should put on my priorities to stand out. And as you may already know the photographer himself is more important than the camera model, a good photographer can capture stunning photos with a cheap camera. Also a very expensive camera is not enough for the best photos.

Those tips are of course not all you should know in photography. But In this list PhotoZone will tell you the most important tips you should keep in mind. Which can help save you a lot of time, starting from 7 to 1.

7. Set your camera to highest resolution

One of the worst things you can do is shooting photos at low resolution. You probably have regretted it one time and if you didn't you should take care you don't put yourself in this bad situation. Resolution is a very important aspect of the photo quality, and a photo with a high resolution and big size is always worth it. Don't hesitate and upgrade to a bigger memory card.

Set your camera to highest resolution - PhotoZone

6. Try the auto mode

Many people ignore the auto mode in their cameras thinking it is not professional to use such a feature. But actually in many situations the auto mode can make better photos than the ones you can edit each setting in. Cameras are getting smarter auto modes with time, so have a bit of faith in this mode.

Try the auto mode - PhotoZone

5. Remember to go outside

Light can make photos much better. If you think you are shooting bad photos inside your house then you should just get outside to the garden or to the beach or whatever an outdoor place.

4. Understand setting white balance

Shooting photos at different light degrees need you to change the white balance. Capturing photos in low light can result a poor quality wrong colored photo, that's because the white balances needs to be set. So if the white balance is an unused feature for you, you should start learning how to use this wrongly ignored setting. 

Understand setting white balance - PhotoZone

3. Use a tripod

Professional photographer carry a tripod with the camera. A tripod is essential in many cases you want want to shoot stable shots. The tripod can be the most important tool you can use with your camera.

Use a tripod - PhotoZone

2. Never misuse the flash

Using the flash in low lights can make very bad photos, if you have any other option like opening a window that can be a lot better. The flash can also be used in sunlight in some situations to fill the contrast, so learning when to use it and when not is an important point.

1. Find the best angle

The prespective of the photo is the thing that makes it stand out. Different situations need different shooting angles, so shooting a building is different from shooting a photo of your phone. Taking time and choosing the angle of the photo wisely is a thing you can't forget if you want better photos. 

Find the best angle - PhotoZone

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