7 Highest Paying Jobs

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7 Highest Paying Jobs

Some of them was expected, some wasn't

Most of the people consider salary the most important factor of choosing a job, or even when searching. And considering that America has big number companies in all fields, with a large number of tech companies that pay well. So in this article we have picked the most paying jobs in America during 2016, and however technology is really the future still the first place is not for it.

7. Software Architect 

With a median base salary of 128000$ per year, a software archetict is a programmer who make the coding standards for a project. During the coming eight years it is expected that the employment of software developers would increase by 17% due to the high demand on software projects these days.

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6. Strategic Manager

A strategic manager should help the company design its growth and profit path, among the competition with other companies. Earning a median base salary of 130000$. However, The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn't break it out a a job, with human resources manager as the nearest job to it.

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5. Pharmacy Manager

With also 130000 base median salary, a pharmacy manager compounds medications for patients according to instructions from physicians. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the employment for pharmacists to grow 3% over the next ten years, which is slow due to the decrease of demand on traditional pharmacists, but also increasing due to the increasing demand on pharmaceutical services.

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4. Software Development Manager

A software developer programs softwares to make certain tasks. They usually have very strong programming skills and a bachelor degree in computer science. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the job to grow by 17% through the next eight years due to high demand on software. A 132000$ yearly is the base median of software development managers.

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3. Research and Development Manager

A variety of companies including hospitals, engineering firms and manufacturers hire research and development managers for doing products, industrial or medical researches. The median base salary is 142000$ per year.

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2. Lawyer

We all know what lawyers do, the base median salary of lawyers is 144000$ per year. And the demand on lawyers is really well increasing, but the competition also increases due to the big number of law students graduated each year.

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1. Physician

Doctors are divided into several specialities, and the median base salary for them is 180000$ per year. A big number with an increasing demand in the coming years due to the increasing demand on health care.

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