7 Most Terrifyingly Dangerous Roads

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7 Most Terrifyingly Dangerous Roads

You will never want to drive there, or even go there

The most dangerous roads we can drive along in our life could be high ways when going on a vacation. But if you think that this high way is tiring, you should know first how the most dangerous roads in the world look. Most of these roads will make you think they are from movies, or well edited images. So let's see these terrifying roads.

Transfăgărășan in Romania

The Longest road in romania and well known for its beautiful sights and dangerous driving. The road is at a height that reaches 2034 meters.

Transfăgărășan in Romania untravelledpaths.com
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Khardung La in India

This road is 5602 meters tall and yes it is the longest road in the world as recognized by Guinness World Records and National Geographic.

Khardung La in India mashable.com
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Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

This road connects small costal villages and targets tourists because of the unbelievable sights you can see though the way on it.

Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway slate.com
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Guoliang Tunnel in China

The government built this tunnel through the mountain to connect the village with the outside world.

Guoliang Tunnel in China mashable.com
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Le Passage du Gois in France

This road is open for just few hours every day, and that's because it disappears underwater for the rest of the day. Read the tides schedule carefully.

Le Passage du Gois in France mashable.com
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Zoji La in India

This 9 kilometers roadis connecting Ladakh and Kashmir, and as it is clear the road is extremely dangerous. Want to go for a ride?

Zoji La in India dnpmag.com
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Yungas Road in Bolivia

This road as really one of the most terrifying roads in the world, it kills 200 to 300 people every year. Just thinking of driving on this road is scary enough.

Yungas Road in Bolivia toranji.ir
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