7 Natural Phenomena That are Impossible To Believe

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7 Natural Phenomena That are Impossible To Believe

Natural phenomena from around the world that are really unbelievable

Nature is always able to impress us, thousands of creatures that amaze us can be seen in different parts of our world. But also natural phenomena are sometimes hard to believe. They can be marvelous as if they are part of a movie or a graphics project. PhotoZone lists here some of the most ones that can be just interesting to know that they exist. 

Frost Flowers

This phenomenon happen at the Arctic and Antarctic. And happens when the water at the surface changes from solid to gas state and back again quickly.

Frost Flowers Deep Sea News
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When 50 thousand starlings travel together in packs, they make this beautiful scene.

Murmurations Taubert Contemporary / Alain Delorme
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Lake Natron

The minerals of the water in this Tanzanian lake keep any wild away. Making it the most comfortable place for flamingos to get lay their eggs.

Lake Natron British Bird Lovers
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The Great Blue Hole

This 350 feet deep hole looks like this because of a supposed pre historical glacier that made it deeper than the surrounding ocean floor around it.

The Great Blue Hole Twisted Sifter
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Dirty Thunderstorms

The phenomenon of dirty thunderstorms is also named as volcanic lightning. It occurs when gas and ash clouds produce their lightning after a volcanic eruption.

Dirty Thunderstorms Twitter @JuvenalSV
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Snow Chimneys

This phenomenon occurs when earth wants same gases to be out of the crust. And sometimes a column of ice is formed around the opening. Looks really like a chimney.

Snow Chimneys George Steinmetz
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Light Pillars

In cold weather, when tiny icy crystals suspended in the air reflect light, they make light columns above and below the source of the light.

Light Pillars MNN
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