7 Places You Should Avoid Visiting on Christmas

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7 Places You Should Avoid Visiting on Christmas

Hanging out on Christmas is not that easy, It needs a professional planner, So here is a list of places you should avoid...

If you are planning to travel on Chrismas, then you should avoid these places.

1. Disney World

Large crowds of excited people will make you regret getting up from your bed that morning, You won`t be able to try all the games you targetted. Even that poor bumper cars game would be crowded, If any family member suggested Disney World to you as a place to hangout on christmas, The law gives you the total right to shoot him with a battle tank in his face.

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2. Tijuana, Mexico

you will spend the whole christmas in your car struggling and suffering from the traffic jam, It is the busiest border crossing with the US, you may get married, have your first three twins in your car during the same trip .

Tijuana, Mexico - PhotoZone

3. Sao Paulo, Brazil

If you do not like traffic jams it would be better for you, your family and your neighbours to stay safe away from the crowd of that city. Also, If your are not one of those flood lovers and storm chasers stay away from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sao Paulo, Brazil - PhotoZone

4. St Petersburg, Russia

The Russian Orthodox  church celebrates christmas on the 7th of january...The celebrations there are extraordinary and awesome, but i guess you would lose your job if you collaborated with your collegues after a 4 day delay.

St Petersburg, Russia - PhotoZone

5. Dan Bilzerian's Place

I know in that point i might be a lair, Well my friend i am totally a liar *crying*, I know that Dan is enjoying his christmas hundred million times more than us, Dan's every day is a christmas, So if you are really into Playboy models and freaky parties knock on Dan's door with a small cup cake, tell him you are his new neighbour and he may let you in.

Dan Bilzerian's Place - PhotoZone

6. ISIS Base

It`s not advisable to spend the christmas there, The bunch of guys we sent there last year did not show up again, It seems like they liked the place there.

ISIS Base - PhotoZone

7. North Korea

North Korea ranks as the worst country in the world for Christians. Meeting with other Christians there is a miracle, You might also get arrested. Enough reason!

North Korea - PhotoZone

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