7 Secret Android Features You Never Knew


7 Secret Android Features You Never Knew

You have to try thsse things soon

A very big number of people have android phones in their pockets right now, but they never new that this phone has very useful features they never used. If you thing you aren't really that type of geek who knows every new feature or application on android, then save this article even if you won't try this features right now.

1. You Can Listen To This Article

If you don't feel like reading this article on your android phone, you can listen to it. On Settings > Accessibility now turn on the Text-to-Speech Output option. And enjoy listening when you don't feel like reading.

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2. You Can Leave it To Your Mother or Girlfriend

Logged in with your account you probably can't do this, your phone holds a lot of personal things that only belong to you. But enabling the Guest Mode can make this happen. Just touch the user icon on the top of your notifications bar. Here you can make users and adjust who can do what. Perfect features isn't it?

3. You Can Make Everything Bigger

If you have poor eyesight you can zoom into any part of the screen. But first navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Magnification gestures. Now your poor eyesight is not a problem anymore.

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4. You Can Control Phone With Your Head

If you are put into situations that you want to do something on your phone while your hands aren't free this is not impossible. With an application called Eva Facial Mouse, you can control your phone with head movements like magic.

5. You Don't Need an Internet Modem

You should know that if you have an android phone you never need a separate internet modem. Go to Settings > Tethering and portable hotspot, and enable it with the settings you prefer. The modem is already in your hands.

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6. You Can Save Battery Easily

If you believe that reducing the screen brightness is significantly saving battery then you are alright. But if you don't believe this you need to try it now, no automatic brightness or high brightness, just low brightness will make the phone live until the end of the day.

7. You Have a Secret Game

On every android version since version 2.3 or Gingerbread, you have a secret game you never played on your device. Go to Settings then "About phone" or "About tablet". Now you should quickly tap on the android version several times several times, and welcome to your game. To be honest they are all really hard.

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