8 Weird Facts About Cats Bodies


8 Weird Facts About Cats Bodies

Do you have a cat? Have you ever had a cat? no answer! okay let's check weird facts about cats bodies.

Cats and dogs are the most wonderful and funny pets to have in my opinion, Humans used to love them through ages, The Science used to show us strange facts about space, Earth,..etc. But you will be really amazed while checking these crazy and weird facts about cats.

1. Eye Color

The cats eyes are really wonderful and awesome, You can look at them for hours without getting bothered or bored, But have you asked yourself why do they have different colors?  The answer is really easy, Cats eyes colors are related to their body temperatures, In more details the genes of cats work in a certain temperature degree.

Also all the cats were born with blue eyes, But after a few months their color tend to change to a different color or be lighter or darker blue.

Eye Color - PhotoZone

2. Cats Brains

Cats have brains identical to that of the humans, They have a mostly similar brain division as humans, They have feelings and emotion regions just like the humans .

Cats Brains - PhotoZone

3. Cats Ears

Cats ears are really sensitive, where cats can have a hearing sense better than that of  the dogs, it can hear very high frequencies. So be aware while talking about your cat  from behind it, It hears you but forgets.

Cats Ears - PhotoZone

4. Earthquake Predictors

Cats are really sensitive to vibrations, So they can predict an earthquake before humans by about 20 minutes! Get a cat and stay safe, dude!

5. What a Jump!!

Cats can jump 6 or 7 time as their body length in one leap, That's because God gave the really strong back muscles and legs!

What a Jump - PhotoZone

6. Lazy!

Cats sleep an average of 14 to 18 hours a day, So it is  not your cat who is only sleepy and lazy, The whole world cats are the same, Go and ask your cat forgiveness for every time you called it lazy!

Lazy Cat - PhotoZone

7. Names

Cats ears are very sensitive to the letter "S", So try also to name your cat something including the letter "S" or "Z", For example "Goaaloz, Samantha, ...etc" It is your own cat name it your  way, Huh!

Cats Names - PhotoZone

8. Cats Tails

Cats tails are responsible  for there balance, jumping calculations and also they use their tails to send us gestures about their happiness, fear...etc.

If you know more than me  about cats, Just type what you know in a comment, We here in PhotoZone really love animals.

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